Escape room "Jewel Thief Mystery"

Company: Exit Strategy

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
289 925 2259 1233 Northside Road, Burlington, ON L7M 1H7, Canada
Edward Mills is a sneaky jewel thief who has eluded authorities for many years. Detectives have tried and failed to prove he is guilty of stealing the world’s most precious gemstones. You have found his secret hideout but are locked in. You need to find the four precious jewels and escape before he returns to prove his guilt and have him apprehended once and for all. Can your group of detectives solve this case? Only time will tell.

Reviews of escape game "Jewel Thief Mystery"

  • Very different thing to do! Had a great time! Prison Break next!!

    Selby Meek

  • The Jewel Thief Mystery room at Exit Strategy was my first 'escape the room' experience and it definitely has me hooked! The room was exactingly designed and the clues well thought out, while the overall atmosphere draws you into the storyline. Triaging through all the items and information in the room really gets your heart racing, and a successful escape relies just as much on communication and teamwork as it does sheer brainpower. I highly recommend this as a fun outing for thinkers and thrill seekers. I can't wait to go back and attempt the Prison Break room!

    Kaleb Wagner