Escape room "Prison Break"

Company: Exit Strategy

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.5 (2 reviews)
289 925 2259 1233 Northside Road, Burlington, ON L7M 1H7, Canada
You have been imprisoned for a crime you did not commit. The previous inmates have left you an escape plan. They have sedated the guards for you, it is now or never! You must escape out of the jail cell, through the office and out to freedom before the guard wakes up. Can you do it, or will your freedom be lost forever?

Reviews of escape game "Prison Break"

  • Thank you so much! You guys were awesome - especially considering the last minute time change. Good luck with the new rooms- we'll be back!

    Kenlyn McKibbin Hughson

  • The maps room was challenging and a lot of fun! I have done other escape the room challenges and this was the best set up I have seen. I enjoyed the background story of the room which made it more entertaining! Great place and can't wait for the other room to open!!!

    Alicia Moning