Escape room "Saw Room"

Company: Krakit

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  (604) 484-6552
  4035 North Road, Burnaby, BC, V3J 1S3

Waking up you find yourself in a cellar. The last thing you remember is getting into a car with your friend. Your friend is gone and you hear cries for help. Don't just be a pawn in some twisted game. Find your way out of the cellar, and find your friend, if you want to survive this game.

Reviews on escape game "Saw Room"

  • Everything about Krakit is awesome!! The staff are absolutely amazing! The escape room was hard as hell but so much fun! We went with a groupon and even though there were issues with it, the staff were super accommodating and made us feel so welcome. We'll definitely be going back time and time again!

    Jasmine Stanway

  • Truly an awesome experience for our whole group. We did the Saw and we play a lot of escape games. Great job Krakit. Tip you can ask for no actors but we did it with and it was so cool.

    Mat Ganam