Escape room "Dead Meat"

Company: The Locked Room

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
403-455-0545 2015 32 Ave NE #15, Calgary, Alberta T2E 6Z3
It has been two years since the Z-virus went global. You awake in a chamber with a bump on your head. The last thing you can remember is going on a supply run with the rest of your group. Combing the room you see that you’re not alone, other survivors have been brought here. To your horror they inform you that you’ve been trapped by a group of cannibals. Will you be able to overcome this escape room or will you end up as “dead meat”? Disclaimer: This escape room contains elements of horror and gore, the room imagery may not be appropriate for children, please play at your own discretion.

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Reviews of escape game "Dead Meat"

  • I was able to play all three game rooms at the new location this week and I can sum it up in one word, AWESOME! This was my first experience with escape rooms and I had a blast in each one. If you're new to this, like I was, I highly recommend you to grab 4-5 of your friends and try it out! If you like solving puzzles, creative thinking and having fun, this is it! My favourite was the Pirate themed room. SO much fun! Thanks TLR for such an amazing time!

    Nina Ha

  • This place is amazing. I showed up with my brothers groomsmen party and we tried out the medieval escape room. Great. We had people from many different walks of life come in and everybody had an awesome time. We struggled with some parts but with about 4 minutes left we got one more thing and the entire room then was solved quickly but this is no easy feat. Do not expect to make it out without a few quarrels inside the locked room. We rebooked immediately for the zombie outbreak and can't wait to do that one. Made it with no hints and are on the champions board!

    Jeff Dyck