Escape room "The Magician's Laboratory"

Company: Escape Rooms PEI

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  81 Prince Street, Charlottetown, PE, Canada

The premise is simple. You and your friends are locked in a room and must escape! Throughout the room, you will find clues and solve puzzles to find your way out. Will you be escaping from a haunted house? Or are you investigating an inspector? Make sure you escape in time! Escape rooms are a fun group activity for a fun night with friends, birthday surprises, family adventures, or team building for colleagues.

Reviews on escape game "The Magician's Laboratory"

  • We had an amazing time! The room was very well done and a great challenge! We were very excited to escape!


  • This was so much fun to do with friends and family and when you start solving some of the puzzles and riddles and your time starts dwindling down you get so into it and start trying to go faster and faster, it is very exhilirating and enjoyable

    Maxine Johnston