Escape room "MANNEQUINS"

Company: Exit Canada

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  (778) 484 3366
  2453 Highway 97 North, Kelowna, BC

It’s tough being a reporter these days. Breaking stories are hard to come by, and when they come, you’re not necessarily assigned to it. When you scrounge for smaller stories on the streets, it just all comes down to luck – which hasn’t been on your side much as of late. At your wit’s end, you decide to make a visit to the mysterious mannequin shop that opened up a few blocks down. Rumour has it that the string of disappearances lately is linked to that shop somehow. Any story will do for you at this point. A small bell announces your entrance, but nobody comes to welcome you. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, you realize you’re not alone. There are figures frozen in place all around you. “Well duh, it’s a mannequin shop,” you reassure yourself. But something feels off, and the place is giving you the chills. You approach one of the figures and marvel at the realism and detail of the mannequin. But what’s that dripping out from the corner of its mouth? Is that…blood? You touch its body, which was hard but not rigid like plastic should be. Is it flesh? Stumbling back, you decide it’s high time you got going. You reach out for the door, and only then do you realize you are locked in.The hair on your neck bristles as you feel an ominous presence behind you. You gulp as you slowly turn your head around. Someone… or something, is getting closer…

Reviews on escape game "MANNEQUINS"

  • Great fun and great staff! Tried cabin 13 almost finished if we had 15 more mins we would of definitely won!

    Emily Samantha

  • Fantastic evening of fun!! Me and my roomates tried out the Mystic Jungle theme, without spoiling anything the puzzles were interesting and required a lot of out of the box thinking! The themeing was pretty amazing, although i would recommend an audio file playing on the screen with maybe the lights off before the timer starts introducing you to the theme and getting you more involved

    Alexander Wilcox