Escape room "Our Alternate Adventure"

Company: Adventure Rooms

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.7 (3 reviews)
+1 844-766-6372 283 Duke St. W Unit 101
The Adventure Rooms are “real life escape games” for groups. This is a fun and challenging game that requires searching for clues, codes, keys and using objects in strange ways. Only about 20% of all teams manage to escape. Even unsuccessful teams find the challenge to be rewarding and a great adventure! Our games are unique in the genre (escape room games) because they focus on puzzles and experiments with real objects, rather than being based on a specific theme or story.

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Reviews of escape game "Our Alternate Adventure"

  • Pulling up the building we were leary of location. ... but once inside a very fun adventure ensued! Definitely would go again


  • This was the first escape room experience I've done and it was so much fun! we went with another couple who had done them before and the had never escaped before. We escaped the room but just barely! we almost messed up the last part but we manged to re-think it and got out. It's super fun!

    Sarah K

  • This place was so much fun. Great for team building and working together. Awesome fun for families. You will need all your wit and attention skills to solve the riddles and puzzles as you make your adventurous way! Thanks for making our day!!!

    Michael B