Escape room "B&B Breakout"

Company: Gr8 Escape

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.7 (3 reviews)

  +1 226-444-5099
  137 Ontario Street N, Kitchener, Ontario, N2H 3W5

You booked a getaway to Las Vegas and save money by staying at a Bed and Breakfast. The host takes you to your room and slams the door shut, locking you in. He has your bags and your tickets to the biggest show in Vegas. Can you escape, get your bags, and still make it to the show on time?

Reviews on escape game "B&B Breakout"

  • Went today and did the B&B room. Escaped with 30 seconds left phew! Great staff and great challenge, highly recommend checking Gr8 Escape out. The staff are very friendly and helpful. My only criticism would be the cost for the amount of time. Other rooms offer an hour which i feel is a better amount of time for the money. However, you are able to receive 10% off by liking their Facebook and paying in cash. Look forward to trying out the other two rooms in the future.

    Evan M

  • We had a great time and we escaped with only 1 1/2 min. to spare. Loved it. Will have to try your other 2 rooms.

    Gail S

  • This was our first time trying an escape room and weren't sure what to expect. We had so much fun! The staff (Sim and Julia) were excellent and very enthusiastic! It was just a really fun date night. We want to go back and try the other rooms. We literally got the last clue as the time ran out in the B&B room. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who loves puzzles, brain teasers, challenges etc. They do a really good job there!

    Darren B