Escape room "The Professor's Office"

Company: Mystery Escape Rooms

60 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)
+1 519-601-8989 551 Waterloo Street London, Ontario
Your archeology professor, Kentucky Smith, has been missing for some time. A letter arrives in your mailbox letting you know that people are on his trail and it's not safe for him to come back - but he needs you to bring something from his office to him in France. He sent a plane ticket for you and instructions on how to get into his office that he said would make sense when you enter it. When you are nearing his office, two men start to approach you. You walk faster. They walk faster. You run. They chase you. You double back and manage to give them the slip - for the time being - but realize you dropped the letter. You need to get to his office and grab the artifact before the men catch up to you and figure out what you're up to. However, when you get to Tuck's office, you see it isn't an ordinary office. The door locks behind you. He's booby-trapped the office so that anyone who enters will have to know him to get out. Do you think you know Tuck well enough to figure out his system without the letter and before the men catch up to you?

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