Escape room "Cryptic Cellar"

Company: Esc-It

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (3 reviews)

   +1 905-604-3948
  5051 Highway 7,Unit 10 & 11 Markham, ON Canada

In 2002, a group of police investigators heard rumours of a certain vintner in Burgundy that produced wine from the blood of humans. To find out whether the rumour was true and to capture the suspect, the investigators travelled to the rural village and found the house of the winemaker. But what they didn’t know was that the winemaker was already expecting them and captured them through a series of traps. Now within the empty cellar, the investigators must find a way to escape. And faintly through the other side of the locked door, they hear the voice of the winemaker whispering: “I’ll be right back to make the wine..."

Reviews on escape game "Cryptic Cellar"

  • The cheapest and worst escape room there is... One small room, poorly decorated, brokenn props and furniture, lack of customer service and professionalism. Basically don't waste your time or money here.

    Linh Nhi Nguyễn

  • This place is AMAZING! As a first time player, I definitely enjoyed the stressful atmosphere (only having 45 minutes) and I truly had so much fun! Great activity to build teamwork skills and I really loved how intense everything was! Great customer service and probably the best $15 bucks I've ever spent! Would surely recommend to everyone and I can't wait to come back again.

    Vimal Sivakumar

  • First time going and my group of two made it on the Cryptic Cellar Wall of Fame with a time of 43:39! Challenging, fun and rewarding -- highly recommend it

    Emma Claire