Escape room "De Scientific Code"

Company: De Code

45 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)

  +1 905-858-2633
  6620 Kitimat Road, Unit 4 Mississauga, ON

The evil scientist, Professor D. invented a destructive element that threatens humanity. The government selected your team to break into the lab to gather research on this element. However, the lab is armed with a high tech security system that scans for intruders every 45 minutes. Will you be able to stop this threat?

Reviews on escape game "De Scientific Code"

  • The prices are very unreasonable even after the discounts. There are plenty of other escape room venues within the GTA that aren't as expensive and provide a better experience. There is also a price tag to everything - to finish the room (an additional $11), to enter the cafe, etc. We did De Scientific Code and some of the clues made little to no sense and had no context in terms of the actual room. The service at the front desk was also lacking. I probably would never come back.

    Kyrene Fabroa

  • This was fun but we picked a room that was too hard for the first time. I wish we had more time cause we would have defiantly been able to do it! You should be able to buy more time as people totally would and then you guys would make more money all in all it was really different and cool. I'd go again for sure.

    Shannon Rutten