Escape room "De Triad Code"

Company: De Code

45 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)

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  6620 Kitimat Road, Unit 4 Mississauga, ON

Investigators & Mafia members will be competing against each other; pressed not only for time, but also to finish first! Only one team can complete the mission, will it be yours? Triad A: De Investigators Headquarters has given you the important mission of searching the Barracuda Express office. You and your group of investigators are tasked with collecting evidence of the Mafia’s drug-trafficking activities. Will you be able to access their hideout and discover their secrets? Triad B: De Mobsters You are an enemy gang that has infiltrated the opposition's backroom. You have been sent by your boss to retrieve important information that will lead to the success of your gang. Remember, finish the mission and escape. There might be police on the other side of the wall trying to catch you and nab the information.

Reviews on escape game "De Triad Code"

  • We were unable to complete the triad room because "electronic devices" we're not working properly... When we said this at the end, they basically ignored it and continued trying to explain how we could have completed it IF it were working. Employee articulation was terrible, and they offered no compensation for the room not being 100% workable. It was my first room escape and I'll never go back to this place. Thank you for ruining our experience.

    Luciano Showtime Benayon

  • Just spent time here with my family doing the De Triad competition. It is worth your time and money. Very stimulating and thought provoking and very fun. We all had an amazing time and recommend it to others. Everything ran smoothly. . The staff great! Definitely want to come back for the other rooms!

    Kate Luarca