Escape room "The Ward"

Company: PANI.Q.

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.5 (4 reviews)

  289.521.LOCK (5625)
  1065 Canadian Pl Mississauga, ON

Your days start melting together as each day passes you find you find your self less and less aware of who and where you are. You continously find yourself in places you've never been and have no reccolection of how you got there. You start to hear voices and you feel your grip on reality slipping away, You wake up to find yourself trapped. You are no longer in control.

Reviews on escape game "The Ward"

  • What a fun experience!! Really shows you how compatible you are with your team mates by seeing how well you work together regardless if you win or not. I'll be back to check out the other rooms

    Lynn Boucher

  • First time at a room escape, and what a way to start! We did The Ward room. Very fun and challenging.. I'd definitely recommend this place to everyone. I can't wait to come back and do the other two!

    Kristi Tou

  • Second times try this kind of games and so far this is the best one. Great room and puzzle. Work the brain

    Veronika Khouw

  • Where to begin? The quality, staff maturity and overall experience left something to be desired. We solved all of the "puzzles" in less than 30 minutes. The girl who showed us into our room spoke so fast (even after asking her to slow down to a sloth's pace so that I could comprehend) that we had no idea what she had instructed us to do, other than the fact that we had to find a film canister. One of the "puzzles" was broken; many of what should have been logic puzzles had arbitrary clues and thus didn't flow very well. When you solve a puzzle, there should be a satisfying feeling of accomplishment; rather, you felt "well, um, ok, I suppose that's the answer...?" only to find out that it is because you've randomly selected the final number on a lock. Let's face it: there are 8-10 numbers. You're eventually going to get it. Would not recommend this place to anyone. We had a groupon for 50% off; save your time and burn your money instead.

    Andrew Hilson