Escape game Military Facility

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Within a secret military laboratory, a group of scientists lead by the great professor Ivashenko were dedicated to find a way to control the mind and consciousness of other people. By their theory, to take control of a human’s mind first you must break his will and weaken his body. Experiments on subjects were held in complete secrecy under the supervision of the army and the government.

To weaken the test subjects artificially-made viruses were injected into their bodies, with the cause to unlock access into the their minds. Although, during one of their countless experiments, the body and mind of prisoner “P” turned out to be far stronger than expected, within seconds the test subject overpowered the scientists and gained access to their research. Using the newly gained power to control minds he escapes from the laboratory setting it into a complete and total lock-down.

The virus that was initially injected into the subjects body upon reaching the outside world starts rapidly mutating. The subject’s symptoms started with basic coughs, followed up by fast changes in his body’s temperature, his skin started releasing large amounts of sweat and within 24 hours subject “P” died. The virus turned out to be extremely infectious – a single touch to an infected would transfer the virus. And epidemic begins within weeks, yet even the greatest of scientists were hopeless in finding a cure. To find a vaccine it is necessary to find the purpose of the virus’ mutation. To do so they need subject “P”‘s blood.