Escape room "Prohibition"

Company: Échappe-toi

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
(514) 907-2200 2244 Lariviere Street, Montreal, Quebec H2K4P8
Montreal, 1931. The Tripots bar has become very popular in the illegal gaming business in the city. They are the place to be, where one can play and amuse oneself in a rather festive atmosphere. However, this cabaret is the theatre of unexplained disappearances that would have gone unnoticed, were it not for the latest scandal splashing the chief of the local police. Once you enter the bar, driven by a natural but dangerous curiosity, you won’t doubt the fact that your fate has been decided, and that you will find yourself confined, making part of a story that is not your own… Are you capable of discovering the truth and escape before it is your turn to disappear? This new authentic scenario will put you in the center of a police investigation in which you will be the detective. Together with your team, you have 60 minutes to solve the mysterious disappearances before misfortune strikes again!

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Reviews of escape game "Prohibition"

  • Echappe-toi est un jeu d'énigme et d'indices. On nous propose un scénario et vous devez trouver tous les indices pour gagner. Le tout en une heure. Je vous le recommande grandement surtout si vous avez des enfants d'âge différents puisque tout le monde à de bonne idée pour trouver les indices.


  • This is a great adventure, the decor and scenarios are a masing. will be going back soon to try one more advanture. Try it, first time whent with work group second time with family everyone want to go back. Long success to Echape toi.

    Stephane L