Escape room "Dream world"

Company: Mystery Room

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  422 Dundas Street West, Toronto M5T 1G7

When Alex was seven, he asked his grandpa why he couldn’t always remember his dreams. His grandpa would laugh and tell him that a monster ate his dreams. Alex was very afraid of this monster and didn’t want him to come and eat his dreams, because, only if he had these dreams, would his dreams come true.

Reviews on escape game "Dream world"

  • This is a great activity to do with your friends. It's better and more fun than your typical night out at the bar. It can also be a great team building activity for work! I put together a group of twelve of us for a night of problem solving. We made it a night by also having dinner beforehand. This place is located in a place with plenty of parking in front of their building. The "adventure" only lasts an hour, but it was a good hour. Time flew! I would recommend this place to friends. We were able to escape within the hour, but it was a great stressfully fun hour.

    Michael Pierce

  • Super fun experience! My group actually escaped the room which was much harder than I thought. I can’t say much else about the experience without giving things away but I will say that they can use some more ventilation or AC its gets hot in there! Also you might be a little put off when you drive up because the area isn't the best.

    Weimen Yik