Escape room "The Apocalypse"

Company: Escape Manor

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  201 Queen Street – 4th Floor Ottawa, ON, K1P 5C9

Mankind has driven Mother Nature beyond the brink of recovery. An outbreak of the plague is turning the infected into zombies, including you. Find the cure and secure a spot on the final transport shuttle out.

Reviews on escape game "The Apocalypse"

  • We have done 4 rooms. They are all amazing, lots of fun. But what really sells me is that their staff team is amazing. They are always very friendly, happy, and in good character. The last room we did, when we asked for our hint, we had someone new still in training, unfortunately there was some miscommunication and she told us the wrong hint. We did not end up breaking out, and our team felt a little frustrated. When I voiced this to the other staff, not only did they buy our team a round of drinks, they gave us 5 more minutes to try and continue to break out. They went out of the way to make sure they did everything to make it up to us. I don' t think I can say that about anywhere else I have been. The staff are pretty amazing people. I would give this place a 6 star if possible.

    Dex Taillefer

  • Lots of fun!! I've done all the rooms and have not been disappointed. Went with friends and with works friends as team building. Do it! You won't regret it!

    Holly Anne Manuel