Escape room "The Darkness"

Company: Escape Manor

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
201 Queen Street – 4th Floor Ottawa, ON, K1P 5C9
Long ago you made a deal with a mysterious stranger, and for a time all of your dreams came true. Lately however you've been feeling drained, beset by a darkness. It must be true, you signed your soul away to the devil. Find the contract and escape with your soul before the Prince of Darkness returns.

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Reviews of escape game "The Darkness"

  • Super cool experience!! Did "The Darkness" room and it was really well done. Highly recommend! Great staff. Also lots of games to keep you busy when waiting for room.

    Greg Melvin

  • The "Dirty Half Dozen" team finished the Darkness room tonight with almost 10 minutes to spare. For the most of us it was our first experience. We worked really well as a team and found all the clues except for the first hint. So glad I tried this- a total adrenaline rush. You gotta try it!!!!

    Kara Hayne