Escape room "The Backhouse Poker Room"

Company: Escape Maze

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.5 (2 reviews)

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  156 Cedar Bank Rd,Peterborough, ON

Gambling is illegal in Eldorado so those that like to the play will have to sneak to the Backhouse Poker Room. Its a secret gambling room run by an eccentric old man who believes that if you are not smart enough to figure out where the key is to escape, you are not smart enough to gamble with him. Prove your worth and escape within 45 minutes.

Success rate: 5-10

Reviews on escape game "The Backhouse Poker Room"

  • It was amazing, the group I was with got out just as the timer expired and we were so excited the entire time. It was an amazing experience and I strongly recommend it to every one!!!!

    Trevor Green

  • We had a wonderful time and we would definitely return. I wish you got a full hour in the room rather than 45 minutes. The extra time would make you feel less rushed and less likely to ask for clues. The staff was wonderful and the rooms were fantastic. We will be back again soon!!!

    Laura Gates