Escape game Missing Marilyn

Company: Deadlock Escape

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5.0 / 5

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2225 Hanselman Court Saskatoon, Sk S7L-6A8 ()

306-979-LOCK (5625)

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A series of strange murders have been plaguing the city. There are no suspects, no motive, no clues. The only lead the police have to go on is that the killer is taking girls who match a description that can only be described as Marilyn Monroe. Your friend Elizabeth who looks just like Marilyn was supposed to meet you for dinner but didn’t show and on a garbled voice mail left to you, you can barely make out an address. The police wont help you because it has not been 24 hours yet. You arrive at the address and see a sign on the door that says back at 8 pm. Its 7 pm now. Do you dare to go inside and see if you can find out if Elizabeth is there? You have 60 minutes to find out what happened to your friend and escape !!