Escape room "SHANGHAI LOCK-UP"

Company: Deadlock Escape

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
306-979-LOCK (5625) 2225 Hanselman Court Saskatoon, Sk S7L-6A8
A friend of yours invited you to a poker night. You wind up having a few drinks and playing a great game of cards. Maybe too good. You didn’t realize the person sitting across from you is Hsu Hai-Ching the notorious Chinese Mafia boss and as you win your third hand in a row, he throws up his hands, accuses you of cheating as he and his bodyguards run out of the room and lock you in it. He says he is going to meditate for an hour and if you can prove you weren’t cheating you will be let out. If not .. then you will never see the light of day again !! Can you survive the Shanghai Lock-Up?

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Reviews of escape game "SHANGHAI LOCK-UP"

  • Such a great experience - a group of us did the Missing Marilyn room; a lot of fun and maybe a minor thrill or two (at one point we did all scream.. a room with 8 screaming girls, was great!) - cannot wait to try out the second room and whatever else is unveiled in the future. Recommend everyone to check this out!

    Delainie Gloeden

  • We had so much fun it was very hard ,and we didn't make it through so we will have to come back to trying get through again!!! Lots of laughs Смайлик «smile» totally worth checking out so if you haven't been there yet make sure you check out this great adventure we really truly enjoyed it, and will be back! thank you Adrian and stuff

    Heidi Andres Hurley