Company: Deadlock Escape

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
306-979-LOCK (5625) 2225 Hanselman Court Saskatoon, Sk S7L-6A8
2 Weeks ago, you received a very strange looking letter in the mail from a lawyers office. It says that you are the last known descendant of one Dr. Krenshaw, previous owner of the Sunny Brook Children’s Asylum. This Asylum was apparently closed in 1990, due to mysterious causes. All you know is that you have been invited to the will reading. Of course your curiosity gets to you and you decide you must go and find out if you are about to receive any money. But….Once there, can you unwrap the horrifying mystery of Dr. Krenshaw? in ….. The Haunted Asylum !!

Reviews of escape game "THE HAUNTED ASYLUM"

  • It was so much fun we only needed 5 more minutes to finish it was very challenging and made you really think But also use some common sense. Met the creator of the rooms it was explained that its just going to get better by the room. If thats the case I am so excited and nervous at the same time. Well done. Amazing. Left me wanting more.

    Kristopher Allan Knowles

  • I cannot express how much fun I have had in both your Marilyn and Shanghai rooms! Your rooms are second to none. Each room is so specifically laid out and well planned. Players know which order the puzzles come in and yet it is still such a challenge! I have fallen in love, I cannot wait for your next room to open! (Please, soon!) -a deadlock addict

    Pam Whitrow