Escape room "Prison Break"

Company: Mission 45

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
647 800 0753 4500 Sheppard Ave East, Unit 101A Toronto, ON, M1S 1V2
A group of terrorists have kidnapped local citizens and imprisoned them in a highly secure cell. The SWAT team is assembled and ready to start the rescue plan. The team will face many challenges. As part of the team, you will conquer obstacles to save the lives of the hostages. Are you confident enough to complete the mission?

Reviews of escape game "Prison Break"

  • Single rooms but still very challenging. Smaller space but still very fun - excellent for beginners and veterans alike. We did get out but that's because I fiddled with a lock and got the key we needed. Overall, recommended!

    Michelle Tom

  • We had lots of fun escaping from "Prison Break". Got out with 15 minutes or so to spare. Can't wait to try another escape!!

    Kay Lynne