Escape room "The Scientist"

Company: BreakOut NL

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  (709) 437-1266
  1399 Torbay Rd, Torbay, NL, A1K1A1

AN ECCENTRIC BUT GENIUS SCIENTIST HAS DISCOVERED A MIRACULOUS CURE TO ANY FORM OF CANCER – IT IS RUMORED TO BE PREVIOUSLY UNKNOWN SPECIES OF THE MUSHROOM FAMILY. As a undercover, you and your team have broken into his laboratory to look for his discovery. Unfortunately the paranoid scientist has booby trapped the room and you are trapped in his laboratory. Can you escape before the your cover is blown?

Reviews on escape game "The Scientist"

  • A couple of technical glitches, but the staff was quick to help us and correct the issue so that the challenge could continue.

    Curtis White

  • Breakout was amazing... Can't wait to try it again!!!

    Amanda Skinner Squires