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The general psychiatric unit is also commonly known as the mental hospital or psychiatric ward. We are a sub-unit of a regular hospital specializing in the treatment of serious mental disorders. I am one of the top psychiatrists at our hospital, and I have seen thousands of patients in my life and numerous bizarre cases: Stockholm Syndrome, Fregoli Delusion, Reduplicative Paramnesia, and many other unique experiences. It’s not until recently that I have been told to stop seeing my patients. They try to convince and reason me into believing that I am not a doctor and have a rare disorder instead, and that they are planning to lock me up. Utterly ridiculous! Who are they to judge my ability as a doctor? I am supposed to be the top at this psychiatric unit! I must get out of here and will continue to help my patients in my own ways. No one can stop me now.

Reviews on escape game "PSYCHIATRIC UNIT"

  • It was good. But we did the Egypt room and they didn't tell us that the floor was covered in sand. Unfortunate when you have four people running around and you have asthma. They should warn you so you can bring a puffer in just in case. But just in case, I'm warning you! It was tough but so much fun!

    Courtney Boisvert

  • I had the pleasure of doing not one, but TWO rooms on my birthday today at the Surrey Hwy 10 location and I had such an AMAZING time! Thank you so much to the wonderful staff for making my birthday that much more super awesome ☺ I would HIGHLY recommend this very fun, interactive experience! It's just the best

    Sarah Dakiniewicz