Escape room "Charlotte"

Company: Captive

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

  Toronto – 43 Elm St. suite 200 M5G 1H1

The bizarre murders of Charlotte and her little sister at the hands of their seemingly deranged father shocked this close-knit community and still resonates to this day. Now, 20 years later you and your team have returned to the scene of the grisly crime. There has always been something about this crime that just didn’t add up. Why did Gerald Grundy murder his daughters and then kill himself ? What did he do with the bodies? So many questions. Will you find out what really happened in this sinister old house or will you possibly share the Grundy’s fate?

Reviews on escape game "Charlotte"

  • The atmosphere is phenomenal compared to any other similar venue in toronto. The staff is very kind and funny. Would recommend.

    Sean Sabbatini

  • A very immersive and exciting experience. I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone that wants to try something different. It's like mind crack. I want more...

    Mark Plunkett

  • One of the best escape rooms in Toronto! Charlotte's Attic is a must do! You have to come at night when there's no light and the atmosphere is so creepy and scary. Can't wait to get some people together and try the Cabinet of Curiosities next!

    Olga Stepanova