Escape room "The Unknown"

Company: Escape Games

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
416-633-6868 15 Kodiak Cres. Unit 5 Toronto, ON
You may know nothing about this mission. You either do it or have it remain a mystery. WARNING: EXTREME CONTENT, 18+ ONLY Not recommended for those with heart conditions.

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Reviews of escape game "The Unknown"

  • Without giving anything away, The Unknown is not only the best escape room I have ever done, but quite possibly the most entertaining hour I have ever experienced. If you have not done this room yet, what are you waiting for? The experience is well worth the price of admission.

    Aaron Weiss

  • All I can say is....Wow! The Unknown was an absolutely amazing experience. The room design is incredibly well thought out, and you feel truly immersed within the game and the escape! What a surreal and fantastic time.

    Kelly Lang

  • I usually never write any kind of reviews. However, today I had a very very intruiging experience at escape games. I am writing this review right after I enter my house and my mind is yet not able to accustom to my life. I feel I was never the part of this world I live in but that 1 hour made me feel like I was stuck there forever and belonged there. My group tried The Unknown. We were 9 of us and we had NEVER been to any kind of escape games / rooms. This was our first time ever and despite all the disclaimers we decided to try THIS ROOM as our FIRST EVER encounter into the escape game world. My my, it was THE BEST decision ever. Hey all first timers, if YOU think you got what it takes, DO IT. Do not over think so much. I must say it is beautifully designed. As they say, some things are best left to the unknown. Well this is true. Now what are you waiting for? Stop reading this any further for any other reviews elsewhere because you will find the same thing over and over. Stop wasting time and GO BOOK IT NOW! Thank me later! Cheers and Good Luck... PS Escape Games Canada, My group will see you soon once again! Thank you for the fun and making our weekend totally crazy!

    Ash Chandt