Escape room "Unmask"

Company: Freeing Canada Station

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
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Your roommate in a biology postgraduate program had gone missing a couple of years ago. The last time you heard from her, she was heading to the professors study room. Rumors have it that the professor had been conducting illegal experiments using stem cells to combine animal and human genes. The police had no leads at the time and the case went cold. As the anniversary of her disappearance approaches, you and a group of fellow students decide to do your own investigation, starting at your missing roommates last known location. You know the professor will be at a faculty meeting for the next 45 minutes. You step into his study and the door locks behind you, trapping you and your friends inside. Was he expecting you? Can you find a way out before he returns?

Reviews of escape game "Unmask"

  • I came to Freeing Canada Station for the very first time with friends to play Behind the Mask. It was also my very 1st time participating in a challenge game like this. Wow! So much fun! Puzzles were challenging and varied. The rooms were set up fabulously. The waiting room was amazing. We had to bring our kids with us because of a last minute cancellation with child care. The staff had no problem with the kids hanging quietly in the waiting room. They offered the kids popcorn and kept an eye on them as they waited for us to complete our challenge. The staff is definitely what made the experience the best! Customer service was definitely 1st class! They were knowledgeable, helpful, patient, happy and you could tell they enjoyed being there and they easily spread that energy to the customers. Thank you so much for an amazingly challenging, fun experience! I will definitely be back!

    Jennifer Collier

  • Best 45 minutes I've spent in a long time (even though we failed to escape Unmasked). Will definitely be back to try out the other rooms!

    Claudia Hui

  • Great venue, design and very friendly customer service!

    Brian Allin