Escape room "Assassin’s Code"

Company: Mystery Room

60 min.
Average Rating: 3.5 (2 reviews)
(647)350-0288 422 Dundas Street West, Toronto M5T 1G7
Alex’s fiancée left a letter for Alex asking him to go to the hotel where they first met. He went to the hotel and got a phone call that his fiancée was kidnapped. The kidnappers demanded that Alex buy biological and chemical weapons from a mad scientist and that he then kill the mad scientist who is controlling the weapons (across the hallway) . Is Alex able to save his fiancée and complete the task? Are they be able to avoid a complete disaster? A complex puzzle and a suspicious drama is waiting for you to crack at your next Mystery Room.

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Reviews of escape game "Assassin’s Code"

  • Got to try the new James Bond/Assassinate theme one and it was incredible! Was the first group to have beat it (totally bragging about that). They had so many cool gadgets to use and it was a cool plot, I would absolutely recommend doing this game

    Jarrett Rundle

  • the room unlocking mechanisms were great in term of advance technology. Such as use of laser for example. The set up was extremely poor. decoration was poor. Also one of the locks didn't work with the correct pin... we had to use the clue but they said that it was the lock itself. If they spent more money for design, decoration and construction of the rooms they could a lot better.

    Reza Shakur