Escape room "Cops and Robbers"

Company: Mystery Room

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (2 reviews)
(416) 398-2020 1140 Sheppard Ave. W., Unit 18, Toronto
Alex’s friends were set up by a team of bandits and are now in jail for unjust reasons. In order to help them, Alex himself commits a crime which places him in the prison with his friends. Little does Alex know, he has greatly underestimated the traps the bandits have placed within the prison itself to prevent any escape. The prison guards have been bribed and trained – all intelligent and ruthless. Alex and his friends must undergo challenge after challenge to stay ahead of the cops if they ever hope to see daylight again.

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Reviews of escape game "Cops and Robbers"

  • Escape room utilizing multiple rooms. Really like the puzzles, great strategy. We did cops and robbers and perhaps just a little too much guidance. Although we are thankful for the help like word emphasis and signs, we can use more challenges as well. If this place spend a little bit more on decorations and designs, it will be an extremely popular escape room. Overall the puzzles are clever and do-able. We had a very lovely time

    Elaine Choi

  • We just arrived at Mystery room! Excited! :) great team building session!

    Cindy Thomas