Escape room "Diamond Creed"

Company: Roundabout

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)
As a world-renowned agent with a remarkable team and your capabilities, an international crime organization is holding your family hostage at an old warehouse. They demand diamonds, ‘The White Treasure’ in exchange for their freedom. You don’t have much time for elaborate schemes. Get your emergency briefcase. It contains your dark suit, your watch, and your black shades. Stay as low as you can and be discrete. Break into the Jewelry Show, steal the diamonds and get out without setting off the alarms. Do not leave your fingerprints on anything or it will compromise this whole mission. There are beams, traps, and lasers everywhere so watch your step and be swift. Time is running out—your family is depending on you.

Reviews of escape game "Diamond Creed"

  • Amazing staff - super friendly and helpful! The staff members were so much fun and made our experience enjoyable!!! The rooms are incredible and very creative! This place is definitely a place to check out if you are into escape rooms. I've been to many now and can say this is my favourite. Will be going back.

    Soni Ji

  • Loved this place! Rooms are amazing and the staff was absolutely the best! I've never been to an escape room location with an amazing team leading it! Will definitely come back!

    Blank Puja