Escape room "The Trial of the Mad Fox Society"

Company: SCRAP

90 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

  76 Stafford St. Toronto, ON

You are invited to a test of wits by The mysterious Society of the Fox. An eccentric, ancient lot that prides themselves on their craftiness and wit, testing people's cunning and resolve. Solve their puzzles and you just might access their secret knowledge. Otherwise... your group may not survive the ordeal!

Reviews on escape game "The Trial of the Mad Fox Society"

  • Joined the 3% of escapees! Detailed puzzles, well thought-out.

    Scott Dermody

  • Awesome!!!! Definitely a memorable experience and we'll do it agin.

    Christian Alexander Linkert

  • So much fun! Highly recommended! Having a team of 8+ was great advice!

    Mikki Whalen