Escape room "The First Endeavour"

Company: The Great Escape Canada

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

  416 530-5858
  165 Geary Avenue Toronto, ON M6H 2B8

You are teleported into Mr. & Mrs. Henderson's Victorian style Mansion and must escape in 60 minutes before they get back home for lunch! Unlock the mysteries of the mansion by escaping their dining room, pantry, and living room. Your task, unlock the files containing the riddles that lead you to the clues hidden away in this eccentric setting, to enable you to find your way out!

Reviews on escape game "The First Endeavour"

  • The rooms were terrific! I've been to a few escape games around Toronto, but I gotta say that this one was the most fun I had at. First we played the First Endeavour, which was a very cool game, I was surprised that the game had three rooms. All the other games I've been to had only one room per game. After we finished the First Endeavour, our group had so much fun we decided to play another game, which was the Hangover. If your looking for a fun day out, I definitely recommend checking out the Great Escape. 5 stars. We shall be back for the Da Vinci Code! :) Visited September 2015

    Sarah W

  • We had an awesome time tonight. "The First Endeavour" was a great intro to the various rooms and puzzles you can do!

    Arlene Ferreira Baker

  • Honestly a great experience. It's really fun and really gets you thinking. Definitely better than most games because it actually requires you to use your brain. 5 stars.

    Malina Taras