Escape room "The Hangover"

Company: The Great Escape Canada

60 min.
Average Rating: 4.7 (3 reviews)

  416 530-5858
  165 Geary Avenue Toronto, ON M6H 2B8

You and your friends find yourselves in a jail cell handcuffed to a chair. You just woke up from a party in Bangkok with no memory of the previous night . You have to free yourselves and figure out what you did the previous night in order to find your way home from Bangkok. Are you up to the challenge ? If you are, then come and play the Hangover and escape from Bangkok!

Reviews on escape game "The Hangover"

  • Went and played the hangover and da vinci code. The hostess was very friendly. The games were done well, good creativity with the room and decor. There is the chance to "jump ahead" which can really make the puzzles harder if you lose track. Overall would recommend to beginner and intermediate escape players. Visited August 2015

    Robert B

  • We had such a great time when we visited The Great Escape. The staff were so enthusiastic and really made the experience worthwhile. We first tackled the Hangover escape room, it was so well planned an a lot of fun. We then attempted the DaVinci Code escape room - it was such a great challenge and extremely well thought out, I recommend it! The owner really made our experience as he chatted with us about how escape rooms came to be and how he and his wife created the rooms. Really fascinating info. I highly recommend The Great Escape if you are looking for a fun night! Visited July 2015

    Caroline S

  • The workers were really nice and friendly. At first we didn't really know what to do, so they guided us in the right direction and we had a really great time! We played the hangover and thought it was really nicely put together! I have only played two other escape rooms in my life, but this was was probably the most fun! Visited July 2015