Escape room "Claustrophobia"

Company: Trapped!

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
(437) 886-0246 118 Dundas W, 2nd Floor - Above Spadina Garden Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1C3 Exit at Dundas Station, head west on Dundas Street until you pass Bay Street and look for 118 Dundas Street West on your right
You and your friends decided to do a photo-shoot within an abandoned part of a century old building. As you enter, a chemical gas knocks you unconscious in an enclosed corridor. You wake up and find yourself in a serial killer's trap. Will you become the next victim?

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Reviews of escape game "Claustrophobia"

  • I solved two of their rooms, Pandemic (good beginner room) and Claustrophobia (challenging depending on team). Both rooms exceeded my expectations for a downtown location. The rooms were very comfortably sized with good air circulation (~300 sq ft single room), tons of details in the decor of the rooms and all the puzzles were closely tied with the narrative of the room which was great. A unique aspect of this place is that there's a video intro that goes through basic rules as well as a 'cinematic' to get you into the mood and narrative of the room. This was done incredibly professionally and helped get all the players in the right mindset. The only 'downer' is the final puzzle reveals a regular looking key to get out of the room. A bit anticlimactic but a welcome sight for many after 45 minutes of puzzle solving! The owners are very clearly passionate about game design and ensuring a good experience for all players. A Trapped, this saying rings true, "It's not the size that matters, but what you do with it." All my friends loved the experience and we'll definitely be back for the Diamond Heist and your 'mysterious' 4th room you're designing.

    Albert Lam

  • We did a great puzzle! finished it in 44:56/45:00! :) Super exciting, nothing was too far fetched. A lot of great thought went into the story line and clues. Very unique, loved it!

    Shawn Palmer

  • Awesome rooms! Did diamond and clostro room! The details placed into the games were great! Thanks trapped! ***** highly recommended

    Shelly Sy