Escape room "Diamond Heist"

Company: Trapped!

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
(437) 886-0246 118 Dundas W, 2nd Floor - Above Spadina Garden Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1C3 Exit at Dundas Station, head west on Dundas Street until you pass Bay Street and look for 118 Dundas Street West on your right
Notorious for your intricate skills in theft and impeccable history of heists, you have your eyes set on your next prize: a 250 carat diamond located inside the auction room of a century old building. This will be the most difficult steal of your career and it will also be your last. Security for this diamond is high - will you be able to end your career on a high note? Or will this heist be the end of you?

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Reviews of escape game "Diamond Heist"

  • So much fun!!! Beyond expectations - can't wait to go back!

    Ariel Crawford

  • We did the Diamond Heist and we had great fun. It is a cleverly designed adventure involving a few "high tech" gimmicks. Our group had 2 people in the 50s and 2 people in the 20s but we all found it exciting.

    Alexandru Pintilie

  • We just did #diamondheist - good times, clever games, lasers!

    Quynh Nth