Escape room "Diamond Heist"

Company: Trapped!

45 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

  (437) 886-0246
  118 Dundas W, 2nd Floor - Above Spadina Garden Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1C3

Notorious for your intricate skills in theft and impeccable history of heists, you have your eyes set on your next prize: a 250 carat diamond located inside the auction room of a century old building. This will be the most difficult steal of your career and it will also be your last. Security for this diamond is high - will you be able to end your career on a high note? Or will this heist be the end of you?

Reviews on escape game "Diamond Heist"

  • So much fun!!! Beyond expectations - can't wait to go back!

    Ariel Crawford

  • We did the Diamond Heist and we had great fun. It is a cleverly designed adventure involving a few "high tech" gimmicks. Our group had 2 people in the 50s and 2 people in the 20s but we all found it exciting.

    Alexandru Pintilie

  • We just did #diamondheist - good times, clever games, lasers!

    Quynh Nth