Escape room "Biolab Extraction"

Company: at escape

45 min.
Average Rating: 3.7 (3 reviews)


One of the advanced incubators have malfunctioned and the microorganism is multiplying out of control. Can you switch off the incubator and extract the microorganism before it gets out of control?

Reviews on escape game "Biolab Extraction"

  • Sub-par room. Still had a nice time with my friends, but the puzzles were disappointing and the theme was lacking. Their 6-person room was more ideal for 3 or 4. Even then, the puzzles were not creative, more I like someone who didn't actually enjoy riddles put together an escape room. Better rooms exist elsewhere for less money.

    Peggy Hamilton

  • We tried Great Escape first, which paled in comparison to this one. AT Escape Inc was SO much better. The employees know what they're doing, the room itself was so fantastic, complicated, and detailed. The puzzles themes were spot on, and actually made sense. The detail and coherence to the theme was fantastic! Took us a bit of time, but our team of 6 made it out of the Biolab with 5 minutes to spare!!! Would definitely go back to try the other rooms. We are the 4%!!

    Adam George

  • Biolab room was well thought out and well designed. We didn't manage to escape but had a lot of fun regardless. Would recommend.

    Ricky Cheung