Escape room "Library Lockup"

Company: at escape

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (3 reviews)


You have been studying too hard and someone has locked the library door on you accidently, your exam is about to start soon, can you make it in time for your exam?

Reviews on escape game "Library Lockup"

  • We did the "Library Lockup" escape room & for the most part it was fun, but some of the clues were in too weird of places for us to really be able to complete it on time. We couldn't really connect the dots on some of it, but it was a good first time experience!

    Andrea Hauwert

  • What a fun idea. It created a fun team dynamic and made us really rack our brains. Really wish we would have found this sooner.

    Fitz Jonathan Figueroa

  • Only the second escape room location Ive been to, but already a fav and planning to come back. Finished Library Lockdown with 3 people (though recommended for 6), clues and puzzles made sense with the theme, some were simpler than others, but tie in with each other. Lots of fun! 5 stars

    Rina Miyamora