Escape room "Magic Room"

Company: at escape

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (4 reviews)
647.341.8989 173 SHEPPARD AVE. W TORONTO, ON, M2N 1M9
Harry Houdini was working on an illusion that the world has never seen. His illusion was kept hidden in his magic room, so no one could steal his idea. Sadly Houdini passed away before performing this illusion to the world. You will need to find Houdini's illusion, decipher it in order to leave his magic room. Designed with the help of Toronto Magician, Christyrious.

Reviews of escape game "Magic Room"

  • Never done anything like this before! Such a great experience, definitely brought the family closer together! Loved how enthusiastic the staff was and how well thought out the room was! One of the best parts of our vacation! Would definitely come back over and over!

    Zoe Muxlow

  • Good time with good people! The room was very sub-par, unfortunately. The flow was not well thought out; the puzzles were there to burn time, rather than to challenge. Not worth the price of entry. There are far better rooms elsewhere in the city for the same price or less. Felt like a jump onto the escape room band wagon. Maybe their bubble soccer is fun

    Nicholas Graham Curry

  • This was so much fun! The room was really difficult, but that just added to the challenge of breaking out! We couldn't stop talking about it afterwards. Hopefully you can get 40% off each time you check in on Facebook, because $30 dollars is very pricey.

    Sora Kim

  • We did our very first escape ever (the magic room), we failed Смайлик «frown» but we loved it so much we decided to go for the bunker room as well! We were soooo close!!! If only we had an extra 5 We will definitely be time is prison break!! I can't wait!!

    Cee-Cee Vee