Escape room "A night at the wedding"

Company: Canadian caper

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
Arts & Letters Club – 14 Elm St Toronto, Ontario
You’ve known Cassie for a long time, but she fell off the earth and you haven’t heard from her in the last while. She’s getting married and naturally, there’s no way you’d miss it. However, something seems off. You can’t place it, but the night may not go as expected. You have your wits, your charm and your friends. Can you escape in 60 minutes?

Reviews of escape game "A night at the wedding"

  • my first puzzle room experience and had an awesome time tonight. i didn't have a team and was paired up with a few other people without teams and even though we were a couple of people short of a full team it was a great experience working with them all. all of the characters were amazing to interact with and added to the fun. my congratulations to all!

    Lisa Sciannella

  • You guys have raised the bar for what a puzzle adventure should be. Awesome work by all. Thanks for the amazing time!

    Rob Leveille

  • This was a very well organized and immersive event. The actors were entertaining, the puzzles were clever and challenging but accessible, the staff were helpful and friendly. Overall a really fun time. I look forward to future Canadian Caper events.

    Veronica Bulger