Escape room "King of the Bootleggers"

Company: casa loma escape series

60 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)
(416) 923-1171 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto Ontario
In 1920s Toronto prohibition is at its peak and at the top of the bootlegging empire sits notorious gangster Rocco Perri, but in the sordid world of swingin’ speakeasies, everyone’s out for a piece of the pie. You receive an invitation to a secret meeting at Rocco’s infamous bar hidden inside Casa Loma. Bessi Perri has set her sights on her husband’s moonshine throne and is assembling a gang to take him down and needs your help. This is your chance to join the big leagues, but it won’t be easy. Someone’s squealed to the cops and within the hour they’ll be on their way to raid the joint. Will you and your team be pinched or become the new Kings and Queens of the Bootleggers?

Reviews of escape game "King of the Bootleggers"

  • Wow what an experience. I got to admit when I first found out that there would be live actors I was skeptical and thought they would be annoying….they weren’t what a brilliant idea. My group came in at night so the darkness made Casa Loma dark, mysterious and spooky! We managed to solve the puzzle and saved thousands of lives but we did not escape in time (just needed 2 more minutes). My group is already planning for our return trip to try out the other rooms. The only suggestion I have is (without giving away the room) to possibly pause the time when we are traversing stairs or waiting on doors to open? Especially with large groups they are more concerned with getting up and down the stairs safely. Also with large groups have to wait until everyone gets to the room before actor can start their monologue . Every second counts and may eat into our time. Other than that the puzzles were fantastic, well thought out and challenging, can’t wait to come back!

    Jeff Poon

  • I'm still on a high from last night. The story line, the live actors, the special effects were amazing! The best one I've been too. Looking forward to the Bootlegger game.

    Julianna Tso

  • Just did the Bootlegger escape last night with 15 friends! It was awesome! I've done two escape games before but they don't compare! It was much harder than I expected but so much fun and really well executed, I can't wait to try another one soon!

    Charlie De Silva