Escape room "Abandoned"

Company: iEscaped

45 min.
Average Rating: 2.7 (3 reviews)
416.519.8096 5927 Yonge Street, Toronto Ontario M2M 3V7 - Suite 205 We are located on the second floor at the North East corner of Yonge St. & Cummer Ave. Our entrance is on Yonge St., just one block North of Finch Station.
You wake up in a blur and find yourself in an abandoned infirmary. A few others are lying on beds surrounding you and you try to wake them. Some regain consciousness but some are not responsive. Your mind is fuzzy and you don't remember why or how you got here. You and the others want answers...

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Reviews of escape game "Abandoned"

  • I don't really recommend this place. Customer service was poor...kinda ruined the mood to play. Asked for hints and didn't really get any help. They just said we're on the right track or said we already got it... And they just left. Wasn't really helpful at all. They're not very friendly. Probably cuz workers wanted to go home but my group waited till the last hour (only spot available) to actually play a specific room. After we called and booked, we were told we'd only be given 30 mins instead of 45 mins. Their closing time either is not right on their website or Facebook... Or the workers just wanted us out. Luckily after talking to them a few times, we did the room we booked and got 45 mins... But once again... Kinda ruined the spirits of everyone. Anyways... I don't really recommend this place. There are better places out there

    Jb Ba

  • Very good service. I loved it. Went in with 6 of my friends and they all enjoyed very much. Wana visit next weeked too. Workers are very nice and kind. Even gave us so much extra time! Thanks so much.

    Alex Kihwan Lee

  • Would never go back. The props/rooms were very poorly built. There was no fluidity with the clues. Couldn't understand the staff.

    Fred Slusarcyk