Escape room "Missing Anatomy"

Company: riddle room

50 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  579 Yonge Street (2nd Floor) Toronto, ON, Canada

You haven’t seen or heard from your brother in decades. Not after the fight. But with your mother on her death bed, you decide to find him and bring him home. You hired a private detective but he disappeared too. The last place he was seen was a doctor’s office on the south side of town… With an apparent dead end, you break into the office with your friends to find a clue, but the door locks behind you.

Reviews on escape game "Missing Anatomy"

  • Been here twice now and would definitely come back again! Staff were really friendly and the riddle rooms are great! Would recommend for friends, co-workers & even a date night! They also have a great board game and video game selection - looking forward to coming back again:) Visited January 2016

    Julie S

  • Riddle Room is an amazing place to hangout with a variety of people. I've brought my family and friends there on multiple occasions and it never disappoints! Not only are there creative and thought provoking escape rooms, but there are also a wide variety of board games and video games to choose from. It basically appeals to all types of people, simply because it offers a wide variety of entertainment! Not to mention the staff are extremely welcoming! Visited January 2016

    Naomi N