Escape room "Static"

Company: riddle room

50 min.
Average Rating: 5.0 (2 reviews)

  579 Yonge Street (2nd Floor) Toronto, ON, Canada

You wake up in a room with a computer screen and a big count down clock. You have no idea how you got there but it looks like someone’s playing with you… and there’s a time limit. With no way out of the room, it looks like your only choice is to play the game.

Reviews on escape game "Static"

  • I love games of all types: video games, card games, board games, etc. I come here all the time to hang out with friends and it's always a good time. The staff are awesome and always accommodating for us, their game selection is varied, cafe menu consistently delicious.. and let's not forget their escape rooms! We went in with a large group of 13 people, making 3 separate teams.. our groups failed the rooms (good difficulty!), but every single person had a good time. Will be back again and again!

    Rudolf J

  • Had a great time at riddleroom in celebrating my cousins birthday. We had a large group about 12 people and they were able to accommodate us easily. We ordered snacks for everyone to share. The Japanese popcorn is addictive. The cookies are soooo good. I ordered a pizza panini for myself and it was so delicious. It was loaded with pizza filing and the spicy mayo that came along with it for dipping was great. To drink I had a Nutella latte. I wish this drink could have came in a mug size because it was so good. The barista really nailed this drink down. For dinner we went to a near by bar and we actually came back to riddleroom after for escape rooms and video games. Half of my group had an amazing time doing the escaperoom "static" and the rest played smash brothers on the WiiU. It was the perfect celebration for my cousin. I am looking forward to coming back again with my other friends.

    Aubrey N