Escape room "Morning Never Comes"

Company: Smarty Pantz

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (1 review)
+1 604-974-9293 100-289 Abbott St
You have been brought in to help with the paranormal investigation of an old, abandoned house. If the rumours are true, the victim of a grisly murder haunts the study, and no one survives past midnight. The doors have been locked behind you, and it soon becomes clear that you are not alone. If you’re going to get out of the house, you’ll have to find a way to break the curse before the clock strikes midnight and you become the spirit’s next victim. As you would expect with the paranormal being involved, and the odd severed head rolling around, this room ranks higher on the scare factor. But it’s not high on the difficulty scale. So you’ve got a relatively good chance of keeping your head come midnight…..

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Reviews of escape game "Morning Never Comes"

  • I went with a group of 5 in total, and this was our first escape room experience. We went for the Morning Never Comes room and managed to escape with about 10 minutes to spare, apparently the success of this room is close to 50%. It was all together a very fun experience in a good location in the city. The room's set was well decorated (as was the lobby/waiting area) and the puzzles were really entertaining. You can have 2 clues, which really helps especially knowing how to get started if you're stuck at the beginning. It fell short of a 5 star review for a few reasons: - The person showing us to our room and explaining the rules forgot to lock up our phones, not that we used them but I think it would've added to the experience. - They also came in at the very end just as we were completing the last step, it may have been better to let us actually "escape" the room to feel accomplished - As we left nobody said anything to us, they had about a hundred staff members just standing around and they could've thrown a "thanks for coming" in there All in all I would definitely go back to SmartyPantz to do a different room and hope for a better customer service experience.