Escape room "De Code the Ancient Mystery"

Company: De Code

45 min.
Average Rating: 4.0 (2 reviews)
+1 905-858-2633 6620 Kitimat Road, Unit 4 Mississauga, ON
You and your group are some of the world’s most renown archaeologists. One of your unfulfilled wishes is to explore this mysterious spot where reports say many have visited but have never returned. Will you and the group be able to conquer the challenges and return home safely?

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Reviews of escape game "De Code the Ancient Mystery"

  • Cafe and boardgame area is the best feature. Rooms have good production value. Some puzzles makes little to no sense in regards to the story and in general. Props malfunction.

    Chris Bacchus

  • Without a doubt a jokes ting, my team and i obliterated all the clues out of our heads and failed miserably, Jenga was funny af, the tiles in the room are pearl white, I would deff take my gam gam in there for a night of frustration but it's pretty neet, watch out for other players cause they can cry. And uhh, stay in school. Also their sprite was a nice temperature. YEE

    Lukasz Kozerawski