Escape game The Locker Room: Power Play

Company: Échappe-toi

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5.0 / 5

2 reviews


Frontenac / Papineau, 2244 Lariviere Street, Montreal, Quebec H2K4P8 ()

(514) 907-2200

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With a room completely renewed in October 2015, “The Locker Room; Power Play” will immerse you in the universe of The Gro’Ver Boys, a hockey team from a garage league who finds itself locked up in its locker room, and who must solve a series of riddles and puzzles with the sole purpose of leaving the room in less than one hour. On last year’s finale, the Gro’Ver Boys found themselves locked up on their locker room by a supporter of the opposing team. This year, they are once again in the finale. In order to break a historic record, they must by all means win the Tremblay Cup for a second time in a row. However, during the game, team star-player, Jean Richard, has been expelled from the game for high-sticking on the last five minutes of the game. The Gro’Ver Boys find themselves outnumbered, and they’re falling behind 3 to 1 in the final period of the game… Everything is going wrong. The clock stops ticking, some luck, the timer has been frozen! A loud rumble sounded in the arena… fans are rabid! The Gro’Ver Boys are taken back to the Locker Room before fans cause a riot. Inside their locker room, the minutes go by very slowly. The Gro’Ver Boys have received one hour to review their strategy; defeat is not an option! Come feel the thrill of being locked up in The Locker Room: Power Play, an adventure where you will have to solve riddles, discover hidden mechanisms, and put together the pieces of the puzzles that will allow you to escape the room in less than 60 minutes. It’s no easy task, considering that only 3% of players achieve to escape! Do you have what it takes to succeed in The Locker Room: Power Play?