Escape game The Cursed Treasure of Hochelaga

Company: Échappe-toi

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5.0 / 5

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Frontenac / Papineau, 2244 Lariviere Street, Montreal, Quebec H2K4P8 ()

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In 1535, during his second expedition on the St. Lawrence River, Jacques Cartier discovered the village of Hochelaga, where nearly 3,000 people lived. More than 120 crew members were on board of the three ships: the Grande Hermine, the Emerillon and the Petite Hermine. Nine months and a terrible winter later, Jacques Cartier was off again to France to share his discoveries and the colonization opportunities encountered on the banks of the St. Lawrence river. However, after the death of 25 of his sailors – decimated by scurvy – Cartier must abandon the Petite Hermine. Ever since, no one has ever found a trace of the ship, the village of Hochelaga or the bodies of the sailors. However, in 1972, a famous archaeologist – whose name is irrelevant to our story – finally found the remains of the shipwreck after years of research. But as he approaches the goal of his life – to better understand the journey of Jacques Cartier – he loses his memory and becomes insane after one hour of looking into the Petite Hermine. The access to the wreckage was immediately condemned and no one could ever come close to the shipwreck again. Together with your team of adventurers, you discovered a hatch into the wreckage; your goal now is to get in, find out what happened and leave without losing your mind!