Escape game Crime Scene

Company: Find the Key

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It's 1955, London, England. You wake up in a middle of the room. You are feeling dizzy, like someone hit you over the head with a bat. You are trying to figure out where you are. It looks like an office. The name sign on the door says: “Hercule Poirot - Private Detective”. You suddenly remember you have read in the newspaper that the Belgian detective has gone missing while working on a murder case. His office was closed for investigation. The police were very evasive about the matter. You take a look around. Something doesn’t seem right. It looks like a fight took place in there. Things are spread all over the floor, and something that looks like a blood stain on the carpet makes you almost panic. You take a look at your hands. They are all covered in blood. Somebody is trying to frame you for a murder you didn’t commit. The police are probably on their way, and you are locked inside. You only have 2 options: either find the spare key and run, or try to solve the case before the police arrive. Are you up to the challenge?