Escape game The Illusionist

Company: Find the Key

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1000 Rue Amherst, Montréal, QC H2L 3K5 ()


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Montreal, 1st June 1947. It is finally official. The biggest and most astonishing representation of his life. The greatest magician the world has ever seen announced months ago that he is preparing the most memorable illusion of all times. This will be “The masterpiece of his career.” Specialized in disappearances and teleportation, he claimed that he will be able to travel across the ocean to England and back in matter of seconds. Could this be possible? And if it is, how will he be able to demonstrate it? … The next day… “Extra, Extra, Read all about it !!!” "Magician mysteriously disappears during his own show! British Crown Jewels vanish mysteriously…” Could there be a link between these two titles? The famous illusionist is nowhere to be found, the answer could be hidden somewhere in his workshop, in the basement of an old building, however nobody has the courage to investigate. Before his disappearance he left something behind: A CURSE: "anyone who dares to enter this room will forever be lost". Few people who tried, are now missing. Do you dare to try?